Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I pay rent to and how?

The rent you paid by deposit or transfer to the Company Bank account that provided on the rental contract. Preferably before the starting date of your rental agreement, or on the first date (in cash) at the reception of the building.

Can I bring my pet in a rental house?

There are some pet friendly listings, however it depends on the owner of the property if pets are allowed. If you have a specific listing in mind, please get in touch so we can check with the owner if you can bring your pet.

What’s the minimum rental term for houses in Chiang Mai?

The minimum rental term for houses and condos listed on are one month. Some properties allow for only annual contracts. If this is the case, this will be mentioned on the listing. Please get in touch when you want to know the availability of a listing.

What are my rights & responsibilities as a homeowner in Thailand?

By law you must follow the Condominium Act. More information you can find here:

How does the house transfer to my name and are there any costs involved?

Yes to transfer the house onto your name  have to pay following:

  1. Transfer fee  2% of the estimated price of the house or the selling price.
  2. The Income Tax calculate base on The revenue department 
  3. Specific business tax 3.3% of the  selling price If you hold the house longer than 5 years then this Tax is free.
  4. Other fee 0.5% of the selling price.

Can I get a mortgage in Thailand as a foreigner?

Only if you have a work permit and have a job in Thailand. For more information about mortgages in Thailand, please get in touch with one of our real estate professionals.

What are the payment terms for buying property in Thailand?

First you paid 10% of the total then the rest of the amount is paid on the transfer the ownership day. For more information, please get in touch with one of our real estate professionals.

Do I need to hire a lawyer to buy a condo or house in Thailand?

Not if you use a professional agency like us. We can handle the international transfers for you. With our many years of experience we will ensure a smooth process throughout the entire journey.

What do I have to know about the tax laws for buying property in Thailand?

There is a new law that starts in January 2020 for property Tax in Thailand. More information regarding the tax laws in Thailand will be available soon on our website. Keep an eye on the News section.

How do I extend my stay?

To extend your stay you must notify us one month before. It will depend on the availability of your place, it is possible to extend your stay. Ask your agent for the availability and book an extra period. If your place is already reserved, there might be other options for you in the same building. Please inform with our agent or at the reception of the building.

Is there a cleaner that can come to clean during our stay?

Yes, you can ask the reception for when there is a cleaner available. Depending on the place you stay in the price of a cleaner ranges from 500-1000 TBH.

Is there a security deposit?

Yes, for all listings we take two months of rent as a security deposit. You can pay this in cash upon your arrival, or transfer it before your arrival following the instructions we send you. When you check out, you will immediately receive the deposit back after the room is checked. If you rent a short term (maximum 3 months) the deposit will only be one month’s rent.

Do I need to bring my own homeware?

We’ve prepared and stocked all our places with the proper equipment. In every condo or apartment you can find the following items: hair dryer, broom, microwave, kettle, TV, WiFi.

Do you help foreigners buy property in Chiang Mai?

Yes, we help people form outside of Thailand in the process of buying and owning a property in Chiang Mai. Our professional team speaks your language. For a quick consultation on what we can do for you, get in touch.

Can I become a partner?

No, we are not open for partnership yet. However, if you have a property and you want to have it listed on, take a look at the different services we offer.

Why do I pay a cleaning fee?

When you move in the owner will take care of the cleaning for you. So after you move out you must pay the cleaning fee to return the room in the same condition as you move in.

I want to list my property, can you help?

Yes, we are here to help! We maintain and list properties of other owners who like to rent it out to tourists visiting Chiang Mai, digital nomads, students, etc. staying for short and longer period.